First Aid

IWAL is a member of the FSFI, Association of Independent First Aid Instructors and approved by the Danish First Aid Council, the Emergency Management Agency and GWO for training of Fire Fighting, First Aid and CPR with a defibrillator.

IWAL conducts a variety of different types of first aid courses, all of which are divided into modules, so it is possible to combine several courses for comprehensive first aid training.

IWAL conducts first aid courses in accordance with the content prescribed by the Danish First aid Council and the GWO, and offers a range of more situation-specific first aid courses.

At IWAL you can therefore get a qualifying first aid course, that is custom-made for your company.

Danish First Aid Council guidelines per 15/10 2015 is divided into:

  • Basic training
  • Elective courses
  • Feature programs
  • Update training

You can read more about the individual programs and times below:

  • Basic training:
  • First aid for cardiac arrest – 240 min.
  • First aid for accidents – +120 min. at least one optional training
  • Optional courses:
  • First aid for bleeding – 90 min
  • First aid for chemical exposure – 30 min
  • First aid for damage associated with cold/heat exposure – 60 min.
  • First aid for musculoskeletal disorders – incl. head injuries – – 90 min.
  • First aid for minor injuries – 90 min.
  • First aid for diseases – 90 min
  • First aid and prevention for children – 150 min.
  • Traffic-related first aid car / Motor cycle and tractor – 240 min.
  • Traffic-related first aid for moped drivers – 240 min.

NOTE Optional courses can be completed in context with other programs, or as an independent program.

  • Functional Training:
  • Traffic-related first aid car / Motor cycle and tractor – 480 min
  • Traffic-related first aid for moped drivers – 480 min
  • First aid for adults responsible for children – 420 min
  • Civilian First aid – 420 min. (Similar to the previous level “minimum“)
  • First aid for personnel with special responsibility – 720 min. (Similar to the previous level “mellem“)
  • Update programs:
  • First aid in cardiac arrest.
  • Lifesaving first aid.

The instructors are member and approved by

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