Frequently Asked Questions

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What is GWO Basic Safety Training (BST)?

GWO Basic Safety Training (BST) is the certified safety training for people working in the wind industry. The standard developed by the Global Wind Organization (GWO).

GWO is an organization consisting of wind turbine manufacturers, wind farm owners and energy companies that have developed an international common accepted standard, a minimum requirement. GWO standard provides a common security training and thus a high level of security.

What is GWO Basic Technical Training (BTT)?

GWO Basic Technical Training (BTT) provides participants with the basic technical and
safety skills in the use of mechanics, electricity and hydraulics, which is the precondition for work on wind turbines, onshore and offshore.

What is WINDA?

WINDA is GWO’s online education status database. WINDA is designed to be a simple, intuitive and secure way to access and control your GWO training.

WINDA is a powerful simple tool that helps you keep track of your training status so you can focus on your work.

WINDAa will remind you when your training is about to expire, so you can make sure that you receive refresher training courses in time.

In WINDA employers you can check the validity of your GWO training by looking up your WINDA ID quickly and safely.

Training Providers will instead of issuering a certificate to you or your employer, upload a certificate to your WINDA profile that will be with you where ever you are and your own.

What is a WINDA ID?

As training providers we are required to upload certificates to your WINDA profile, register a profile of participants in WINDA.

You may only register one participant profile in WINDA.

When you have completed your registration with WINDA, you will receive a WINDA ID. This WINDA ID is especially for you. You must give your WINDA ID to training providers so that they can upload your certificates. Employers can look up and check your training using your WINDA ID.

How to register myself in WINDA?

Go to and click Register.

Choose to register as a participant and fill in the relevant fields in the registration form.

Accept Terms and Conditions and Privacy . Now click “Registration “.
You will receive an email with an activation link.

Enter your e-mail inbox, open the email and click on the activation link.

The activation link will send you to Winda, where you will be asked to create a password. Your password is personal and must contain at least 8 letters / digits.

After you have chosen a password, click “Enable and Log “.

Your account is now active, and you can get training documentation added to your profile and look for other WINDA ID. You can see your own WINDA ID in the upper right corner when you are logged in to WINDA.

Where do I find my certificate in WINDA?

When you log in to WINDA, you can click on ”Training Record”. You can see here which GWO courses you have completed and when they expire. Here you will also find a download button ”Download training certificate”, where you can download your certificate.

How do I get into the wind industry?

Screening (What is the right path for me?)

Wind Turbine and Service Engineer training

GWO Safety Courses

Application and interview training course IWAL

Please contact Tom Larsen on tel. +45 27 15 29 00.

Is IWAL included on the positive list?

Yes. IWAL were recorded in the positive list of the regional employment (RAR Zealand), sequence no. 74 – Service Technician Education – Wind turbines.

Does IWAL offer accommodation?

IWAL offers accommodation in the house which is linked to IWAL. Here you get your own room with bed, common toilet / bath and kitchen, where you have the opportunity to make your own food. For further information and prices contact us.

IWAL can help with finding other accommodation in the area if you wish.

For further information, please feel free to contact us.

Tel: +45 5467 6078