GWO – Basic Technical Training (BTT)

BTT provides participants with the basic technical and safety skills in the use of Mechanical, Electrical and Hydraulics, which is the precondition for work on wind turbines Onshore and Offshore.

  • 1.5 days Mechanical 14 hours
  • 1.5 days Electrical 10 hours
  • 1 day Hydraulics 9 hours
  • 3 days installation 17.7 hours (Valid BTT Mechanical Certificate required)

These modules may be taken individually or as a package.
A individual BTT certificate for each passed module will be issued.


  • Necessary security and protection, as well as the right tool
  • The main components: foundation, tower, nacelle, rotor blades, platforms, ladders and lift
  • Lubrication systems
  • And threaded bolts. Maintenance of bolted joints
  • Adjustable wrenches, torque wrenches, screwdrivers, feeler gauges and caliper
  • Basic functions for laser tool
  • Use of hydraulic torque wrenches


  • Basic knowledge of hydraulic systems, components and symbols
  • Risk and hazards with hydraulic work
  • Necessary security and the use of personal protective equipment
  • Valves function and types of sensors in the hydraulic system
  • Identification of pipes, hoses and connections.

Electrical systems:

  • Electrical systems, symbols and wiring diagrams
  • Measuring technology, voltage, and resistance test
  • Risks and danger in a wind turbine
  • Personal safety and security
  • Security in the form of Log Out / Tag Out
  • Identification of pipes, hoses and connections
  • Features of resistors, switches, relays, contactors, diodes, rectifiers, capacitors, transformers, generators, electrical protection, battery and control systems
  • The use of sensors, position and function


  • Identify the main installation activities and risks and hazards associated with the installation
  • Environment checklist systems during the installation process.
  • Principles and standards for handling and storage of goods and components onsite or within a storage area before and after installation.
  • Basic principles of lifting operations.
  • Preparation of main components before installation
  • Basic mechanical finishing.
  • Basic electrical finishing including principles and standards for cable handling and installation.
  • Basic hydraulic completion.
  • Use of external generators during installation.
  • How to make a commissioning.
    Valid BTT Mechanical Certificate required !!

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