Sea Survival

We provide certified sea survival and other quality solutions for individuals and companies who work on the water.

The aim of the course is to provide the participant with basic knowledge and skills so that they can operate safely and perform the correct preventive actions in all areas of work on the water. Both during normal handling and in a given emergency situation.


  • The student can demonstrate knowledge of the dangers and symptoms related to hyperthermia and drowning.
  • The student understands the benefits and limitations of personal safety equipment and personal fall protection equipment. The participant can wear the equipment and pack it correctly.
  • The student can perform safe transfer from vessel to dock the vessel to the foundation.
  • The student has knowledge of emergency and safety procedures on installations, ships and wind turbines.
  • The student can demonstrate knowledge of alarm systems at sea and global maritime safety system.
  • The student can perform salvage and first aid for “Man Overboard.”
  • The student can show individual and collective survival techniques at sea.

12 hours

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