Working in a Harbour

The participant will have knowledge of terminology and processes that are the prerequisite for performing work duties at harbours in a correct, efficient and safe workflow.


  • Knowledge of structure, working tools, workflows and processes, as well as concepts at a harbour.
  • Knowledge of languages and use of harbour related sign language and symbols.
  • The participant can properly and safely perform the work at a harbour, and has thorough knowledge of first aid, including rescue and first aid of person in water.
  • Obtained thorough knowledge of personal safety equipment, as well as safe person transfer between ground and vessel.
  • Performing proper firefighting, identification of signs of fire as well as demonstrating fire prevention trechniques.
  • Obtained thorough knowledge of workplace health and safety. Correct posture, prevention of injury, as well as reporting of possible damage.
  • Knowledge of the hazard symbols and labeling and can act in accordance with these.

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