Fire precautions for spark-producing tools

Every year, fires occur in roofing, welding, cutting, angle grinding, soldering, drying, heating, weed burning and other work with spark-producing tools. These fires should not occur, with the right knowledge, it is possible to do work with spark-producing tools fire-safely. This courses teaches participants to properly plan and carry out work with spark-producing tools.


  • The participants can assess the safety precautions to be taken when performing work with spark-producing tools, which emit sparks or heat that can cause fire in the workplace.
  • The participants can perform work with spark-producing tools like blowtorches, angle grinder, soldering tool or heat gun, technically correct.
  • The participants can perform the necessary fire safety precautions before starting work.
  • The participants can make the workplace safe and take precautions at work that meets fire safety, as well as follow the fire safety rules that apply.
  • The participants can perform firefighting at the workplace.

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Duration: 6 hours

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